seedsofthought arts group

welcome! hekani! marhaba! 

Seeds of Thought is non-funded, started in 2005, as a fun thing to do in our spare time and it continues to bring people together - through poetry, art and music.

We like to share creative ideas and enjoy learning about cultures.

We host regular events at the CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts) Glasgow, since 2006 where all are welcome.  We regularly take part in other performing art events, so you may just see us around.


            seeds of thought
                             in the farmer's hand
                                        let them be planted
                                                  let them grow
                            let them be tended
              however they show         
         tawona sithole


(C) seeds of thougt, tarneem al mousawi - photography, logo, images. 

(C) poetry and artwork to indvidual artist.